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TANAAKK deploys the innovation infrastructure that is currently being deployed and continues to learn and demonstrate the technology that will enable industrial innovation within 10 years. In the past, innovations such as cloud-connect cloud-connected intelligence/data analytics, and virtual currency have been accomplished by downsizing and reducing the cost of transistors. TANAAKK K.K, cooling systems, new generation batteries, etc. Compares condensed matter physics research on People bet on technologies for the future using two ways:

  • Internal R&D and External Venture Capital
  • R&D is the game of the exceptions, not the game of the averages. The top 10% makes up 90% of the value.
  • Foreigners acquire technologies such as Tesla, Amazon, and Apple and generate extraordinary returns.

TANAAKK has technology resources, incubation, and distribution capacity. And it plans to be a launch agent for technology distribution in Japan.


No.GRO-SERVICESValue Proposition
1HITSERIES®CLOUDPortfolio ARR managementManage 5-year ARR plan
2HITSCAN®Product researchMigrating R&D into a new cloud


3HITPLAN®Budget planning
4HITSERIES®PROTOCloud prototyping
5HITSERIES®DevOpsSaaS DevOpsGrow ARR by low-cost production

and go-to-market excellence.

7HITSERIES®EquityOpsSaaS sell-side data room planning

Buy-side M&A planning

Grow shareholder value by

Corporate Finance (Equity or Debt)

8HITSERIES®FUNDSaaS Series A lead investment

Equity story and legal term sheet



HITSERIES Equity Ops is built on global geopolitical features, military, power generation, flood control, submarine cabling, data center, and other infrastructure placement and selects appropriate leadership from the perspective of asset allocation, including M&A and equity financing. Offers a realistic solution to improve enterprise value. HITSERIES RevOps is a RevOps monthly invoicing series that realizes cloud business scale through data-driven marketing automation, sales force automation, and partner relationship management. HITSERIES®︎ DevOps uses a microservice architecture design database and AI toolset to create a flexible, scalable, and stable SaaS platform that allows for free refactoring of components even as general-purpose technology innovations occur. Possible. Similarly, Social Impact Bond is used by a government agency to create a long-term public and sustainable impact. Of all the global asset strategies, we found the tech startup to be good for the small-capital challenger. While this strategy may change once we grow the volume of assets under management, we're moving as far as the threshold.


If there is good business, there is continued Economic Added Value to the business process. Time without added value means it is a waste of time. Time, Talent, Energy, Money, Raw Materials... every resource is limited. Long-term incremental value is an acceptable standard and guideline for every stakeholder. Value is gravity in the economic field. Controlling the value works like the magic of controlling the future. The financial incentive structure is the magic that controls the motivation of the stakeholders. If the CEO has no ownership, the project is going in the wrong direction. Tanaakk uses the S&P500 as a benchmark. What performance is the 20-year IRR 7.47% and the 10-year IRR 13.88%? The 10-year venture capital IRR challenges the S&P500 benchmark of 14.14%, while the 20-year IRR is 6.83% below the S&P500 performance. The key to buying assets is to buy lower and sell higher. We specialize in finding the intrinsic value of companies. Sometimes there are real options inheriting growth options. Tanaakk takes the difference in results from its predecessors due to the power of trial and error and compounding seriously, and plans to set up a 100 trillion yen corporate group that will become a symbol of time in the next 50 years.

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