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Auto-AI How to Colorize Black and White Photos

13 Jun 2022, 21:24 GMT+10

History has already been made, many memories were saved in black-and-white color. But nowadays, digital photo editing methods can be a great help in how to colorize black and white photos. Right now, is the best time to get to know the exact method to turn black and white photo to color. With a little bit of help from Image converter software, you don't need to be a professional Image restoration specialist to bring your photo back to life again. Especially in this age of global Covid-19, it would be a great surprise if your family could see those black-and-white photos get colorization and become vivid in the front of them.

All thanks to advanced digital photo restoration techniques, you don't have to find local image restoration shops to manually colorize photos. It is way more expensive and time-consuming. Right now, multiple applications on phones and computers have been offered the feature to recolor old photos. I know that once speaking of image editors, it is unavoidable to mention Photoshop. But it goes without saying that if you want to master the functions of Photoshop, you cannot do it without a few lessons. Plus, Photoshop isn't cheap to purchase, so if you're looking for a simple way to color an image, there are plenty of other ways how to colorize black and white photos.

For this reason, I will introduce to you the easiest method you can get from the market. I guarantee that you will get satisfactory colorized historical photos results. Check it out.

In this article you will find out:

  • Why Colorize Old Photos?
  • How to Colorize Black and White Photos

1) WorkinTool Image Converter

2) Imagecolorizer

  • Conclusion

Why Colorize Old Photos

Before color cameras came into people's lives, most of the photos you could pull out of your grandparents' drawers were black and white. At that time if one wanted to have color photos, then the most basic way was to find professionals to color images. But in an era when the economy wasn't booming, who would want to spend that kind of money just to make the images colorful? Even though they wanted colored photos, they were already happy enough to have devices to keep their memories in black and white.

With the rapid development of modern technology, even though color photography has become a common pattern, under certain circumstances the photographer will still take black and white photos for some reason. You can see a lot of luxury brands such as LV, Hermès and so on when shooting ads still choose black and white. Because a black-and-white photograph emphasizes the subject in response to light, the silhouette of the line is not disturbed by other colors.

Of course, the modern black-and-white photo application is no longer suitable for our daily life, because of the technical limitations of photography equipment and stopped in black and white. But that is no longer a problem. Learning how to colorize black and white photos is a necessary step to re-animating the past. This is not just a reverence for the past, but a wake-up call for the future.

How to Colorize Black and White Photos:

Since we have already covered the part why you should colorize old photos, you must know that all the merits to add color to black and white photos. Now, let us break it down to the exact method to get it down. Don't worry. We know that image editing can be a torment for some of you. That is why I specifically picked two effective and super easy AI methods to help you. Both my ways are totally free and all you need to do is to put your images into the processor and the auto-AI tools will colorize these photos for you. WorkinTool Image Converter is the first image editing software that I want to share with you.

1) WorkinTool Image Converter

WorkinTool Image Converter is a professional image processing software. Though it is called a converter, but the built-in features are enough for the daily use in image editing. You can simply think of it as a free and easy version of Photoshop, but more suitable for people who are not familiar with image processing techniques. With this lightweight tool, you are allowed to convert the image format, compress the size, and adjust the parameters. And it even makes you look younger in photos, how amazing is that? Not just gives you what you want, it can provide you with what you might be interested in.

Feature in Use

When you turn on the software, there are roughly three types of image processing tools available to users on the left. The coloring feature we need today is in the third category, Photo Restoration.

Here, select the third option: Color antique pictures. Click Add Images to upload the black-and-white image that you want to colorize. Don't worry about the safety issue. Nothing you uploaded will be used without your permission. And this software is totally Internet free. If you are afraid about the image security, you can disconnect the network while using.

And when you have picked the image and get it uploaded, you just need to wait for couple of minutes for the tool to automatically put some colors on it.

Here is the result:

You may see that, the picture after colorizing is fabulous. WorkinTool doesn't just randomly picks some related colors and put them on. When the image uploaded successfully, the AI function will automatically analyze the image structure, according to the algorithm, and the database of images cross-reference to select the most suitable color selection for this image. As a user you don't have to do anything, just wait for a few seconds and you'll get a color that matches the age of the image without feeling out of place.

2) Imagecolorizer

If you still think that downloading third-party software is too troublesome and would like to ask if there is a more concise way of how to colorize black and white photos. Then the answer is yes. You can try using online image processing tools. Here I recommend you use Imagecolorizer. As an online image editor, it also offers multiple image editing features for free. Before colorizing the old photos, you can even adjust all the parameters in them.

Feature in Use

  • Open the Imagecolorizer page, and select AI Colorize.
  • Upload your image and adjust the parameters if necessary.
  • Click Start and wait for a couple of seconds, download, and check the result.

This me using the same image as converting with WorkinTool Image Converter. As you can see, although online tools are somewhat easier to implement than third-party software. But it's true that the images it processes are not as effective as the WorkinTool. Images processed with the Imagecolorizer are not full enough in color and are generally a little plainer. And lost the sense of time of the original picture. Moreover, Imagecolorizer only supports JPG, JPEG, and PNG less than 3MB. If you are not bothered by these limitations, you should try this tool.


To sum up, in this post we have provided you with the two best methods of how to colorize black and white photos. Both of these two approaches are equally available to use. And both are suitable for users like you and me who don't want to spend time learning how to use photoshop. Though we don't have the skill to add colors one layer after another we still want to restore these old pictures. Both WorkinTool and Imagecolorizer can be great helpers to fulfill your wish.

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