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Student Motivation: What Is Wrong With Education!

27 May 2022, 22:24 GMT+10

'You cannot change your future but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future'

Students are neither rebellious nor disobedient, they are just confused. They don't know what the future holds for them. They don't know, will this degree help them in getting a secure job or will they still be struggling like many others even having so many degrees! These and other such scenarios make them less motivated. This is why they try to achieve things (mainly money) in different ways. Now; whose fault is this for students to think this way is the real question. Well! It is the fault of students plus our education system. Let us go through some causes for this lack of motivation and how to rectify those causes.

Firstly; our students need to relax, they don't have to feel pressurized because of the academic load. Don't hesitate to take online writing assistance in the form of UK Assignment Help, essay services, or any other such assistance to reduce your load. The mental health of a student is as important as his physical health so try to keep calm. So; let us go through the problems of our education system that is making the students distressed and less motivated.

What is wrong with our education systems?

This question is not for any specific country but for the countries across the world. Every student is fed up with their education system and some of their reasons are quite valid. Education is the most important thing for any country to develop and prosper. Education molds the character and intelligence of individuals (Aithal, 2017). Following are some such points that tell us where our education systems are going wrong.

1. Academic pressure:

We understand that teachers sometimes need to cover the syllabus within a limited time but that does not mean to pressurize on the students with an extreme load of academics. On one hand; they have to attend classes, they have to prepare for presentations, and then have to write long assignments, and dissertations as well. This is unfair and must be changed. However; as long as the system is not being changed, students can take Write Dissertation for Me services, assignment assistance, or any other such writing help from online platforms. Because the addition of references makes it complicated for students and one cannot skip references as it makes your research stronger (Sara Nathan, 2022).

2. Same old syllabus:

The syllabus that is being taught to today's generation is the same as it was taught to the generation of the 80s or 90s. Time is advancing and our education system also needs to progress accordingly. I would like to narrate a funny incident of my student life when I was reading this chapter of mine and my dad said that it's the same chapter that they were taught. I was shocked that so much has happened since then still our syllabus is same.

3. The downside of technology:

Okay! Technology has brought humongous advancements in the education sector like many other sectors but it has come with a few downsides as well. These downsides have made students even less interested in studies. A lot of students can cheat even during their examinations (thanks to technical advancements). In addition to that; there are a lot of distractions for students that make them less motivated in their studies.

4. The communication gap between students & teachers:

This is one of the oldest problems coming along since ages. Most teachers think that staying strict with students will help them be more focused on their studies but this is not the case. In fact; this makes them afraid of that particular subject which is why they lose their concentration. Teachers need to work on their communication gap with students so that students won't hesitate when they ask questions from their teachers.

5. Increased student strength:

Another issue in our education system is an increased quantity of students. A lot of students are made to sit in the same class. This makes chaos in the class plus the teacher cannot focus on the performance of each student of hers because of this.

6. Lack of resources:

No investment has been made in educational sectors for quite some time now. This is why students cannot be provided with education by adapting the advanced means. Obviously; more resources will help the students in keeping their focus and concentration in a better way.

7. Giving weightage to grades over anything:

The education system has become all about getting higher scores even if for that you have to cram the syllabus instead of understanding it. Some of the brightest students are not appreciated by the educational faculties just because they explain the method in a different style than the one written in the books. This has made them lose interest in their studies.

8. Classroom management strategy:

Our education systems are direly in need of classroom management strategies where such an environment is maintained that students cannot misbehave with each other. They cannot bully or single out any student. Every student is treated fairly and equally through this management system.

How can students keep themselves motivated?

Following are some such points that will help students to remain motivated:

  • Be consistent.
  • Keep yourself reminded about your ambition.
  • Make a schedule.
  • Don't let the negative opinions bother you.
  • Be clear about your life goals.
  • Keep your mind and body healthy by doing exercise, and other such means.

Besides that, it is the responsibility of educational faculties as well to keep the students motivated

  • By rewarding and appreciating them.
  • By letting them tell their perspective.
  • By making education fun for them.


Every individual has the right to attain an education. This is the duty of educational institutes to raise the standards of their education systems to the point that students will find interest in their studies. They won't lack motivation and will stay focused.


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