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Things that Affect Paints Cost of Your House

25 May 2022, 03:24 GMT+10

A fresh new coat of paint is enough to give your new life. With the selection of perfect Sydney painter a good painting job, and most importantly, the right color choice, you can improve the overall look of your house and improve the aesthetics of your house. However, several things affect the cost of house painting in Sydney, Australia. The factors that include pricing a paint job are size and access of the areas to be painted, types of paint and number of coatings, types of surfaces to be painted and their condition, and much more. Several variables involved in the cost of painting in Sydney can range from almost $1000 to more than $20,000. In this short guide, we gather some common things that greatly affect the cost of painting your home.

The Age and Style of the House Affect the Cost:

The condition, age, and style of your house are some of the great things that affect the overall cost of the painting project. A very old one-bedroom apartment is more likely to need more preparation, so the expected cost of the paint is up to $1000 or more. On the other hand, older Edwardian, Victorian, and Federation houses will also cost a lot because they have high ceilings illustrated with decorative cimices and ceiling roses. The cost of painting such houses is very expensive, more than $20,000. Paint of new house is much easier instead of repainting the older one.

Things that Greatly Affect the Cost of Exterior Paint of Your Home:

The cost of the exterior Sydney painters of the single-story house in Sydney, starts from $3000 and goes up to $15000. However, when you hear this big amount, you think it is a very big investment. Still, considering the exterior paint after every 5 to 7 years is so much more economical. Although, the location and the size of the area have a great effect on the cost of the exterior painting project of the house. You should also take into account the paint materials and supplies. However, the factors can either decrease or increase the overall cost of the exterior painting jobs. Hiring a professional is one of the biggest factors that greatly affect the cost of exterior painting of your house. It is much more expensive instead of the paint by you. Although the quality of the painting works done by the professional Sydney painters are worth the price. Another big thing that affects the overall cost of exterior painting is the cleaning and preparing of your home for the job. It is essential to clean and prepare your house before starting the exterior paint to ensure a smooth and professional finish.

Paint Quality:

Several paints are available in the market for Sydney painters to paint your house. However, the quality and type of paint you use to paint your house is very important to figure out the average cost of your house painting job. In Sydney, the best painters always use the best quality paints that will give a lasting finish to your home and don't fade away even in the worse weather conditions. These high-quality paints are expensive, but their lasting finish quality makes them the perfect choice and saves you from doing repaint your house every year.

Common Things that Affect the Cost of Interior Painting:

People will often paint the interior of their house because they get bored with the same old look each year. There are plenty of painting jobs to do inside your house. Many small painting works, such as painting a hallway, will considerably cost less than painting the whole interior surfaces of your house. However, interior painting is not only restricted to the house's walls. It may also include doors, ceilings, flooring, window frames, etc. For instance, if you want to paint your bedroom ceiling professionally, you have to pay almost $1000.

On the other hand, if you want to paint the whole interior of the five-bedroom house, it may cost almost $9000. Many other things affect the cost of the interior painting projects, such as the quality of paint, size of the area, location of your house, and last but not the least, hiring a professional Sydney painter for the job.

The Location of Your House:

The cost of your house painting if you hire a professional Sydney painter, Sydney painters can be greater if you live in the most expensive suburb of Sydney, where the cost of living is higher than in other cities in Australia. Moreover, the weather conditions also affect the cost of house painting. As you know, Sydney is a coastline city and therefore, it is more humid and rainy. Their price of labor and the materials you buy for your house painting is also included in the overall cost and are determined by the local market value.


The average cost of house painting in Sydney is higher due to the labor cost and the high living standard of the people of Sydney. While if you hire the best professional Sydney painter for your house painting, then make sure that you hire someone who gives your money's worth.

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