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Exercise bikes are an excellent system to get in shape, but the question is, 'Are they good for weight loss?' We know freehand or aerobic exercise is important for burning fat and losing weight. But there's so much conflicting information about what kind of workout routine you should follow to burn fat? On the other hand, there are also many opinions about how many calories you can burn daily by doing various workouts?

Even this is not the end. Some issues also arise, like how many hours you should exercise to burn fat as no everyone has hours every day to spend on exercise. So, the short answer to all these confusing matters is that you can get an exercise bike for fast weight loss and easily reach your goal. Although it requires an investment, it will be worth it when your whole body is toned and you look beautiful in any dress-up.

Just by doing a 30-35 minutes indoor cycling workout, you can burn more stubborn calories stuck in your body. However, most people don't know the best ways to use an exercise bike for weight loss. This guide will teach you everything, including how an exercise bike is good for weight loss and how you can be most beneficial?

Stationary bike for weight loss:

If you want to enhance your weight loss journey, exercise can be a good choice for you out of hundreds of options like jogging, running, etc. it's a cardio exercise machine where you can do your daily workout in the most fun, effective way. To burn more and more calories from our bodies, we need to improve our endurance and increase our strength. Our daily calorie deficit is an essential minimum of 300-400 calories per day to gain this fitness ability. And this work will be much easier if you stick around with an exercise bike.

Every stationary bike has a big LCD display monitor, and there you can see pretty much everything related to your calorie burning. You can monitor and track such as time, distance, calorie burn, and heart rate in the display. According to that, you can increase your performance day by day to increase more calorie counters. It's an easy way to maintain your fitness tracker and get a really good insight into your body.

Is cycling good for weight loss on the stomach?

Or you can ask can you lose belly fat on cycling? Whatever the question but the ALL-IN-ONE answer is 'YES.' Because when you do cycling by using an exercise bike, it won't let you stretch the tummy muscles. Instead, it tones the tummy muscles and helps you to burn more belly fat if you do a lower-moderate intensity workout.

The 80/20 method of high-intensity bike workout is a great way to burn calories and cut belly fat over time. Essentially, you need to ride at moderate intensity 80% of the time. Then increase the speed and do a 20% high-intensity workout. This 80/20 bike workout is very effective for weight loss on the stomach. Side by side, it will also increase your insurance power and shred belly fat tremendously.

Stationary bike weight loss result:

You become familiar with the unconditional brilliant result of using a stationary bike for weight loss by this time. Still some benefits yet to show. These are mentioned as follows:

  • Exercise bike workout will tone your arms, back, chest, legs.
  • It will strengthen your core, calves, and hamstring.
  • It will improve your overall body posture
  • It helps you to improve body balance.
  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • Boosts cardiovascular health.
  • Improve blood circulation etc.

To get the best result proper diet and adequate rest are a must to lose weight successfully. And also, try to be patient as it's not going to happen overnight. Though you can make maximum use of a stationary bike, it needs time weight loss. So, motivate yourself towards a goal and keep trying on the exercise bike.


Exercise bikes are a great way to work out and lose weight. Exercise bikes offer many benefits such as calorie burning, muscle toning, better cardiovascular health, and more flexibility, so you don't need to drive somewhere (park, gym) to work out. So, actively do your weight loss workout by using a stationary bike and enjoy yourself the most.

Don't think about a little investment! It will going to be beneficial, and you will save everything, including your precious body, money, and time.

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