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Why use a marketing communications company?

17 Aug 2021, 22:24 GMT+10

Marketing is essential in putting yourself out there for prospects and customers. It allows companies to put their best foot forward and get creative. However, you need not fret as a marketing communications firm can help you in this endeavour.

A marketing communications company or MarCom renders all stages of the marketing cycle, including research, logo design, branding, implementation of marketing strategies and plans, design services for advertising collateral and evaluation of all elements.

A quick run-through about marketing communications

Before delving into why you should use a marketing communications company, first understand what it does and involve. It outlines the basic concepts and offers a foundation for the remaining stages.

  • Positioning - it discusses the vitality of creating an attractive position in the customers' minds
  • Marketing message - the framework for planning the marketing message across the technology adoption cycle.
  • Communication for tech startups - processes and methods for word-of-mouth marketing
  • Early adopters of tech products - the focus is on how and why to tailor your message to enthusiasts and visionaries.
  • Companies are using Workspace room booking software which are good way to communicate.

Purposes that a marketing communications company serves

Building and forging connections

The first order of business for a marketing communications company is to develop a connection with customers and prospects; this is mostly for small companies or startups. The function does not cater to established and renowned firms as such. There are several ways that MarCom can use to forge fruitful bonds, including informational newsletters or social media forums. These avenues help with the exchange of ideas and keep the prospects engaged and connected with your company. Doing so builds your business and establish trust and credibility. It is then that these connections translate into repeats and referrals.

Getting feedback and input

If your consumers and prospects do not like your offers, all the efforts and money will go down the drain. Thanks to fast internet connections and technology tools, timely customer feedback is a core competency to pursue. There are several marketing communications tools, including surveys, questionnaires and focus groups.

Better yet, you can join allies with humour and wit by using interactive quizzes and contests. Whatever be your preference, the crux of the matter is that asking customers for suggestions makes them feel important and invested. Prospects and buyers like to feel cared for and heard - it indicates that their opinions matter to you. The inputs are crucial in differentiating your services and product lines to serve them better. In simple words, suggestions help you to improve on your renderings that eventually help your clients. This marks the completion of the full circle.

Educating your customers

The business environment is becoming more competitive and adaptive, and hence, educating about products and services is imperative. Again, thanks to technology and tools, there are several methods of reaching out. What's more, customers and prospects can avail of the information from anywhere and at any time. All they require is a device and a decent internet connection.

Some profound ways are using web-based demonstrations, instructional videos, tutorials and podcasts. These help your customers to get familiar with the offerings. Businesses and brands can also establish their position as an authority using these communication vehicles. To give you an example, dedicate a webpage to facts and statistics or FAQs and Q&A about your business. Additionally, you can have a blog section that provides details and context-based information.

Creating preference through branding

It takes time and patience to create preference as competitors also will compete for that preferential position. Marketing communications tools are an excellent way for positioning your brand and its offerings - products, services and solutions - in the target customers' minds. To have a preferential position, you need consistency and commitment. The consistency aspect is for both communication efforts and core elements of the marketing mix. Getting these elements to effect takes up significant commitment and dedication.

Note that establishing preference has in store multiple benefits to offer. Brand building helps elevate your market share, sales volumes and profitability. Additionally, intangible aspects such as talented personnel become easier as employees want associations with powerful and reputable brands. A talented pool of employees offers long-term value to the business.

Brand reinforcement helps with customer loyalty. But for this to happen, your brand messages and imagery need to be consistent and aligned throughout your marketing, advertising and promotional materials.

Helping to drive up sales volume

Alternatively put, marketing communications helps to shorten or reduce the sales cycle. This means collaborating with sales partners to identify, engage and then deliver the desired product or service to the customer. The vital aspect here is to understand the buying process and the overall psyche of customers. Doing so brings insights for shortening the sales cycle. Also, evaluating the buying process helps with intent.

A thing to note is that the sales cycle and timelines differ across sectors and industries. For simplicity, all the sectors can fall into two categories - tech and non-tech. For high-tech products, education and research take up considerable time in the sales cycle. So, the early stages of the process will take relatively longer to conquer. MarCom comes to the rescue by helping create, package and deliver the relevant information pieces and contents to the buyer throughout the process. The objective is to meet the educational needs and then fulfil the sales conversion.

Parting words

With newer technology and tools, marketing communications will become more integral to the sales and services process. The critical aspects of identifying search intent and the rise of voice search using voice-based assistants such as Google and Alexa will redefine the role of marketing communications companies going ahead.

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