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How are video games made?

17 Aug 2021, 01:24 GMT+10

Modern computer games are a way to relax and unwind after a working day or school. Today, both adults and children play games. There is a huge number of slot machines, portable consoles, computers and other equipment for professional gamers and ordinary users. Every year the graphics become more advanced and computers become more powerful and capable of handling even the most difficult programs. But how are video games made and when did they appear? Do aaa games have a future? We will give answers to these questions in our article.

The history of computer games

The first slot machines were manufactured in the 1930s. They gained particular popularity after about 40-50 years. The first full-fledged video game was released in 1971. Its developers were programmers T. Dabney and N. Bushnell. Despite this discovery, the game did not become in demand among users. But the next partner's development was a huge success. The new computer game was created on the principle of table tennis, but in an electronic version. Participants had to hit a disappearing point that flew past the opponent's racket.

Meanwhile, R. Baer created a series of virtual home games called Odyssey. This happened in 1969. The series consisted of 12 gaming proposals, mainly sports orientation. Since 1970, active development of IT began, many new games have been created. After the production of CD-ROM disks, users were able to keep them on portable devices. In 1995, a DVD-type disc for the PC was produced. This is an effective device, which placed even heavy game. Today the industry is developing rapidly, and the developers provide games for people of any age and any difficulty level. Known developer of computer games is the company Kevuru Games.

Types of video games

How are video games created? This is a complex process involving a whole team of specialists: designers, programmers, testers, artists. The main types of games are:

  1. Platform. The player sees his character from the side. A good option for games with a military theme, as well as for action.
  2. 3D games. This is an achievement of modernity, which was first created in 1995, but gained popularity only in the 2000s. This format is used for games related to the design of premises, landscapes, etc.
  3. Text. Less popular option. This format is notable for light graphics, is used for development in the 'fantasy' style.
  4. Combined option. It covers several types of elements and is used often.


Programmers, artists and designers create a unique design for their product. They must define the purpose of the game, graphics, capabilities, general background design. In games where you have to shoot opponents, dark shades prevail: black, gray, brown. In games for children are found bright colors that attract the attention of kids. Recently, games that are called reality simulators have also become popular. They reproduce the real sensations of a person while driving a car, diving, flying.

Adventure games are very popular in which cheerful design and bright colors dominate. The most famous variant is the well-known 'Super Mario' or 'Bounce'. There are also many other similar designs. Strategic proposals are important: checkers, cards, chess, backgammon and many others.

Another challenge for designers and programmers is to create a mobile version. This will allow users to play at home and anywhere when they have free time.

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