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It is unwise for anyone to try out a short-cut on matters that matter in their life. In the instance when one seeks an unqualified physician simply because they want to save on their medical expenses. The repercussions on this matter are huge, and expensive on the long-run. The same case applies on when academics seek fake research paper that is fully plagiarized and do not hold value on the kind of career one seeks to pursue. Intellects who seek this fake research paper are widely not conversant on what is entailed in these papers and thus they cannot establish their sources, neither can they own up to them. Besides, it is essential for one to establish and evaluate the kind of term paper that they have come up with thus it is not advisable for one to take up on fake research paper.

In today's world the internet has become a source of many academic research works, such as; 'buy a college research paper'. The Google search has been intensified to many pages without offering a specific page that can be of aid to a person's career choice.

However, whichever type of research paper you need, there are research paper writers that can help. 'Can I buy a perfect research paper?' you may search. Truly professional at you can work on any type of research paper when you buy their service.

Various dissertation papers have been used previously and thus many pursuing the same career choice seek to use the same term paper in their research work, thus making it monotonous, and not being original.

Secondly, the internet has come up with data generating sites like; Essay Ever and other diversified sites that promise to provide a non-plagiarized paper. Currently, students have been moved with money in such a way that they are determined to work rather than concentrate on their studies, and pay for their research paper after they get paid at their day-to-day jobs.

The process used by many students to seek fake papers has been stressful to many academic intellects especially the likes of Alison Thomas, a senior Lecturer at the American University. She has observed that, the data generating sites will have a negative impact on the academic field, and henceforth produce half-baked students. In her review she added that it is believed that whoever graduates with a certain degree the public believes that they are capable of doing what the degree pertains.

On the contrary, the above mentioned sites that are meant to provide or be research assistants, say that they do all that they can to be of assistance to students who are overloaded with school work. In addition, they have criticized universities and colleges of not being able to teach students about world survival tactics. They have proven that a student is just supposed to write one term paper in order for them to graduate, thus not improving on their research and writing skills

According to some students who have been able to seek the websites help, they have elaborated that; most students who are not used to writing in English seem to be more comfortable in seeking these sites. This is because they believe these sites will provide on papers that will be fluently written in English and they will consider the recommendations of their institutions and universities requirements. These students take life skills such as to be able to communicate efficiently as a process that is needed in their career, and thus because they are not used on communicating in native English they seek these so called professional sites to help them cross this bridge of their studies.

On the other hand, some students other having scored a grade of up to a B, they have confessed that even after using the help of the writing services they have in the long-run come to regret it. They emphasized that many students who seek the help of the writing generating companies face many challenges in the course of their further studies and career, since they tend to skip classes knowing their research work will be fully outsourced.

A couple of academics have come to the aid of supporting the motion that 'fake research paper could hurt a career', by confirming that ones they cheated on their end of semester exams and the result has been haunting them ever since. An example is; J. Naran the author of 'How to Cheat Your Way Through School,' he publicly says that although, being a scholarship recipient, he had to maintain his grades up. However, because of the pressure that he faced after a break-up, he had to use the 'global online marketplace' to keep up with his grades. He adds by criticizing cheating by pointing out that it makes a student to work themselves twice harder in order to be at per with their colleagues.

Ghostwriter at a click of a button

However, it is imperative to note that, most of those who are established ghostwriter take up on these assignments out of desperation. Majority of them are graduates or college drop-outs who just seek financial stability in doing these assignments. Taking an example of Michael, a graduate who faced being unemployment started a website that offered ghostwriter' services. It is only after he was approached by a student who wanted his intellectual power to aid her in a psychological paper, and after she was able to attain a grade of A he become popular.

Although he sometimes feels guilty and contemptible of his work, he says he earns a presentable amount that is able to sustain his life. Besides being shameful of the kind of work that he does, Michael confirms that he usually does not like when his name is disclosed as it will ruin his reputation and character.

Most ghostwriter has testified that money is the key motivator to what they do, and it has proven not all are drop-outs but thousands have multiple, and advanced degrees. It has also been clarified that ghost writers have proven to be knowledgeable, and lucrative, than the old style freelance writers. Those who have had a chance to seek their expertise have confirmed that they do not pocket hundreds of dollars for granted.

It has also been confirmed by some paper writing sites like; EssayMojo that their expert writers are capable of earning up to $1500-$2000. These paper generating sites offer posted papers according to subjects ranging from $75 for a nursing paper that is of up to 4000 words and $439 for marketing job with about 1100 characters. However, many writers have suggested that they seized writing research paper for monetary purposes, but they have become accustomed to them that they take themselves as intellect providers doing what they love. In addition, they say that the research papers that they have written have helped them in their studies and being at per with today's world.

How they are identified as false

According to some intellects, they have confirmed that they can easily identify a term paper as fake. An example given by Justine Zapin , an assistant professor at an American University; he says that one can identify an outsourced term paper by comparing the done classroom work and the term paper. It easily identified because of the diversity in the language used while executing the classroom work and the out-sourced one.

Fake research paper have forced majority of universities to seek the expertise of interviewing companies to take part in their admission process. Also, companies have gone a step further to take the responsibility of hiring companies like; Initial View, based in China, to take part in interviewing potential students. These videotapes interview take place to verify the interviewee English speaking skills compared to their writing skills. These processes have been effective, as any student who seems to want to cheat is easily caught.

On the other hand, it has been clearly clarified by many universities that students caught using online research paper writing services are immediately suspended and they deem to be dismissed from the respective courses. According to the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), they caught up with up to 845 irregularities in the academic year 2017-2018.

In conclusion, it is widely advised that a student should be faithful and honest in his studies, because his course work will be relevant to the career he/she pursues. It is imperative to note that part of what is done in the research work coincides with the career path that on follows or pursues. The knowledge attained by a student should be able to be helpful to them and the society that he/she will be serving in the long-run and thus it is crucial to avoid buying fake research paper.

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