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What is massage therapy used for?

19 Nov 2020, 03:17 GMT+10

Massage is the earliest tool used in both eastern and western cultures. Massage has various health benefits. These health benefits involve the human body's wellness, curing aches, tightening soft tissues, relaxing and refreshing. Most of the time, massage therapy is done using essential oils, usually known as aromatherapy.

Science and effective massage:

Moreover, science is conducting relative researches about different types of massage therapy. But, to date, most of them point out with the evidence that effective massage therapy can work wonders for the timely pans and stiffness to the muscles. Further, the researchers have proven that massage therapy can help curing back pains, headache, cancer, mental health, fibromyalgia, and much more.

What happens before a massage?

It is suggested to tell your complete recent history to your therapist before the massage; you may find it weird but, not telling can be harmful to your body. Our body and its veins and muscles are interconnected with each other. Lack of knowledge to the therapist might mistake the areas to trigger. Such as, headaches can be caused due to tight hamstrings. However, the main reason for the suggestion is to convey your recent medical and health issues to your therapist before the massage. This will help your therapist work on your body according to what and where it is needed.

What to expect during massage therapy:

Communication is always the key. Try to communicate with your therapist whether you need low pressure or high. What part of your body is sensitive or ticklish? You can feel free while telling or asking them questions just because they are trained isn't mean they are mind readers.

However, if you have done the necessary communication, you can relax by keeping your mind fresh and taking deep breaths. Moreover, try to listen to your body and refreshes your mind after a tiring schedule.This will help you have sound sleep and good dreams.

How often should I have to massage?

Most of the time, therapists are asked this question, how often should we take massage? Well, the best answer to this is that you can go on a month to month basis, maybe a week to week or even, just once in two week. Long story short, it depends on your wellness routines, curing of your aches.

Most of the pains and stiffness like shoulders and lower back take more than one session; this can be suggested according to your therapist's condition.

Even the sessions can also depend upon noticing how long your relief remains and how much your body needs therapy.

Risks or side effects associated with massage therapy:

However, massage therapy is known for curing aches and relaxing the body; no such side effects or risks have been noted to date. Some severe risks may include blood clots, nerve injury, or maybe bone fracture. But, all of these cases are not reported during massage therapy under an experienced therapist. However, some cases can be heard due to the person being elderly or having an intense massage, which was not meant for their body.

Science and the risks for massage therapy:

Science has further researched and also found that there are few risks to people like:

  • A pregnant woman should avoid having massage therapy or ask or consult her doctor before having the therapy.
  • The therapist should remember to not massage over the wounds or the potentially weak areas of the body.
  • Patients taking medicine for thin blood, like Warfarin, should avoid deep tissue massages as the pressure can be harmful to them.
  • Moreover, deep and intense pressure should not be applied or asked for areas with tumours or cancer. It can only be performed after the approval of patients' physicians.

Takeaway on massage therapy:

Most of the time, the most recommended therapist didn't work for most people's bodies. It is okay to communicate and tell your observation. The relation between you and the therapist is long-lasting, so it should be with the right one.

There is no issue with trying different therapists until you find the one you feel comfortable with and motion, style, pressure, and ambience. However, massage is for relaxing or curing purpose ambience plays a role in refreshing the mind.

Massage is an ancient treatment for curing injuries and pains. Moreover, through modern times, it is advancing, and according to more research, it is getting beneficial and essential for everyday routine wellness. These were some things you should know before going for your first massage therapy. Moreover, you have to make sure effective communication with your therapist.

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